Solar and Photovoltaic Cleaning


Why clean photovoltaic systems?

Unfortunately, your photovoltaic system produces less electricity if the modules are dirty. The total electricity production can be reduced by up to 20-30%. Depending on the location, the angle of inclination and the degree of pollution (dust, agriculture, air quality, industry), professional photovoltaic cleaning is recommended at least once a year in order to significantly increase power generation and avoid yield losses. Cleaning with SWS molecular water is ideal for highly effective and extremely gentle cleaning of photovoltaic systems and modules. Thanks to the absence of lime deposits during drying, the system can reliably generate maximum energy again.

Cleaning of a photovoltaic system with SWS molecular water:


  • no cleaning agents necessary
  • protects the environment
  • no lime deposits
  • no post-processing (stripping/drying) necessary
  • no climbing aids (ladders, scaffolding) necessary
  • no waste water with chemical agents
  • no need for surfactants -> less re-pollution
  • Highly efficient and time saving
  • Money saving

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How often should a photovoltaic system be cleaned?

The cleaning interval depends largely on the location, dirt accumulation, weather conditions, air quality and other external influences and is usually planned individually. As a rule, photovoltaic cleaning should be carried out once a year to avoid yield losses and to ensure the maximum possible electricity yield. Regions with a lot of dust that can settle on the system may need to be cleaned more often.

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