Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules, and larger particles from drinking water, allowing pure water to pass through the membrane providing clean water.

We at SWS work a little bit differently when compared to other water filter companies. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible premium and bespoke water filtration solutions. SWS offers free consultations right at home where we test the currently available water quality and tailor our product exactly to your needs. We offer our reverse osmosis systems as under-sink and freestanding systems, that can if desired, produce cold, room temperature, boiling and sparkling water. The systems remove impurities, hormones, toxins as fluorides, heavy metals, carcinogens and microplastics from tap water, delivering the purest and healthiest form of water possible right on demand.

SWS offers advanced premium reverse osmosis and pre/post filtration technology that produces pure, healthy and great-tasting water. Our products are made in Germany and patented, providing our customers with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. We aim to decrease plastic bottle usage by providing a sustainable alternative and reducing waste, for years to come. SWS reverse osmosis filter systems come with a 10-year warranty and only requires annual filter changes, making maintenance hassle-free when compared to other systems. We offer customized options to meet individual needs and an all-in-one solution that fulfills multiple water needs. We pride ourselves in offering premium bespoke water filtration solutions that can adapt to the needs of our clients. SWS’s filtration systems not only remove harmful substances but also promote overall health and vitality. We provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions with their reverse osmosis cleaning water. We at SWS aim to go above and beyond by offering free client consultations, educating clients on the importance of pure water, and providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Plus, our reverse osmosis systems do not require electricity to produce your water.

While installation of our under-sink and freestanding systems is fairly simple, we offer our premium clients a hassle free experience. When you purchase a filter system, we will schedule an installation appointment where a professional installation team ensures proper functionality of the system and to maintain our warranty. Should you ever have an issue with one of our systems, just give us a call and we will send a technician to assist you.

Our mission is to decrease plastic bottle waste by offering a sustainable solution to clean drinking water. By producing high-quality, filtered water in people’s homes and businesses, we aim to reduce the need for buying water in supermarkets and the use of plastic bottles. Additionally, our systems and filters when changed can be recycled.

SWS Cleaning Water is water used for cleaning in a way that no longer needs any detergent when cleaning floors, surfaces, and windows. Our reverse osmosis filtration systems produce filtered water that is free from impurities and minerals, leaving behind a streak-free finish. This process work through ion exchange, meaning that dirt particles are able to bond with the water molecules are washed away. Find out more about our cleaning water and its benefits on our industrial cleaning page.

As we offer premium bespoke filtration solutions, our prices vary depending on your own personal needs and desires. Simply get a free consultation with one of our experts and we can advise you via a phone call, or will conveniently come to your homes for a free consultation and analyse your personal water needs right where you need them.

We currently do not offer financing options, but we are exploring this possibility for the future. We do however offer split-payment options. Please contact us for more information.

You can order an SWS system by simply contacting us directly or sending us a message. Our team will guide you through the process, including a free consultation conveniently in your home to analyse your needs, as well as professional installation and maintenance.

We recommend changing the filter every 12 months for optimal performance. We offer maintenance packages where we will come and replace the filter for you. If the maintenance is done with SWS, the client gets 10 years of warranty.

Absolutely! Our water goes through a rigorous filtration process that removes impurities and contaminants, making it safe for everyone to drink. Plus, with the added benefits of removing hormones and microplastics, our water is even better for children and pregnant women.

No, our filters are designed to be installed into most standard plumbing setups. However, if you have any concerns about your plumbing or water pressure, we recommend consulting with a professional plumber and one of our technicians, before installation.

For our under-the-sink options you will need 60x60x60cm of space. Our freestanding solution need 50x50x140cm

Yes, absolutely! Our water is perfect for cooking and drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. as it is pure and free of any contaminants or impurities. Plus, with our cleaning water option, you can even use it for cleaning and washing without the need for harsh detergents after you are done cooking.

Our water is far superior to bottled water, as it is not only pure and provides true security of being free of contaminants, but also free of the toxins and microplastics that can leach into bottled water over time, when they are sitting around for too long or exposed to heat or sunlight. Plus, with our convenient filtration systems, you can save money and reduce your environmental impact by eliminating the need for plastic bottles.

Yes, our systems and bespoke solutions are perfect for all kinds of commercial settings, including restaurants, malls, hotels, schools, gyms, construction companies building new houses and towers, as well as the industrial cleaning market.

By using the SWS water filtration system, you can decrease plastic bottle waste and the need for buying water in supermarkets every week. Our systems also filter out toxins, hormones, carcinogens and microplastics, giving you the purest and healthiest form of water possible.

We believe in our products through years of experience in the German market. Therefore, we offer a 10-year warranty on our products (provided you have yearly filter changes with us), which covers any manufacturing defects or faults that may occur. If you encounter any issues with your SWS system during this time, please contact us and we will arrange for a technician to come and assess the problem. If the issue is covered under warranty, we will repair or replace the system free of charge. Please note that our warranty only covers defects that are caused by normal use and does not cover damage caused by misuse or neglect. In addition, the warranty is only valid if you have the system serviced by SWS once a year, as per our maintenance guidelines. Our electrical components have a warranty of 2 years and the membrane of our system has a warranty of 5 years.

No, we want to make our premium products as convenient and reliable as possible for you. Therefore, our water systems do not need electricity to function. If you only want a water filtration system without sparkling, chilled or boiling water, then no electrical socket is required. Should you want any of these other types of water options, fear not, as your sink will have an electrical socket already. But we got you covered in case there is not enough, as we can provide you with a power switch, to make sure all our appliances can be connected.

Our focus is on providing our customers with the best possible products that will be part of your home and lives for a long time. Our premium products are not just bought from random suppliers, and instead are made in Germany, under the highest quality control and standards, ensuring that our systems work reliable. Each component is not simply bought from different manufacturers and pieced together. Instead, each component is manufactured in order to work in harmony like a fine mechanical watch. We believe in our products quality so much, that we offer 10 years of warranty, however our experience in the German market has shown that our systems work even beyond the 10 years. This is something we as a company are extremely proud of, because we can truly offer our customers the best of the best.

No, SWS offers premium bespoke water filtration solutions. Of course, our main focus are reverse osmosis systems, as they offer the best quality drinking water, however we also offer bespoke solutions for individual needs, large scale needs, whole house filtration systems built just for you, designer products, shower filters, bathroom tap filters, portable reverse osmosis solutions for businesses and industrial cleaning solutions.

If you encounter any issues with your SWS system, please contact us and we will arrange for a technician to come and assess, and fix the problem. If the issue is covered under warranty, we will repair or replace the system free of charge.

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