Glass Cleaning with SWS Technology


This is how glass cleaning with SWS technology works:

Our drinking water contains not only really pure water (H2O), but also minerals (e.g. sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) and trace elements. The hardness is determined by the ratio of magnesium and calcium (ions) in the water. In everyday life we often summarize different minerals under the term “lime content”, the “harder” the water, the higher the deposits (e.g. visible in a kettle). But what does this mean for glass cleaning? If you use normal untreated water for window cleaning and do not remove (wipe off) or dry the water, unsightly streaks will form immediately when the water dries.

SWS molecular water is produced by a special water treatment process that removes all minerals (the principle of ion exchange) and the result is: softened water with neutral pH, also known as “pure water” or “deionized water“. This treated water is ideal for glass cleaning because, on the one hand, the use of cleaning agents can be completely eliminated and, on the other hand, the entire work step – stripping/drying – can be omitted. This is because demineralised water dries completely without leaving any residue – no streaks or unsightly lime deposits.


  • no cleaning agents necessary
  • protects the environment
  • no lime deposits
  • no post-processing (stripping/drying) necessary
  • no climbing aids (ladders, scaffolding) necessary
  • no waste water with chemical agents
  • no need for surfactants -> less re-pollution
  • Highly efficient and time saving
  • Money saving

What are the advantages of cleaning with SWS technology for your company?

Besides protecting the environment, cleaning glass surfaces with SWS molecular water has obvious advantages for companies. Indoor glass surfaces up to 11m high can be cleaned without providing climbing aids. Thus, the way is not blocked and the business can continue as normal despite the cleaning.

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