Is it worth investing in a reverse osmosis filter in Dubai?

Hey there, fellow water lovers! Let’s dive right into the question on everyone’s mind – is it really worth investing in a reverse osmosis system in Dubai?
Well, let’s think about it. We all know that the water quality in Dubai is good. However, the water pipes, such as for example in your house or your tower, can be a bit dodgy at times. Sure, it might be okay to drink in some areas, but in others, it can leave a nasty taste in your mouth (literally). By the way, this also goes for bottled water, especially when exposed to the heat and sun, it can taste of plastic and can even contain carcinogens, which can cause cancer!

But fear not, my friends, because investing in a reverse osmosis system is totally worth it. Not only will you be drinking the purest, cleanest water possible, but you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing your reliance on plastic bottles. Plus, you’ll save some serious cash in the long run – bottled water can be pretty pricey, especially since its nothing you only by every now and then. You need it all the time, year after year. So don’t forget, you can also save yourself energy, time and hassle because you will never have to go carry water bottles from the grocery store, or lift the heavy 5-gallon bottles, ever again. The same goes for sparkling water by the way! A premium and bespoke reverse osmosis system can offer you sparkling water and boiling water right out of the tap for you home here in Dubai.

Now, I know some people might say that a reverse osmosis system is a frivolous expense. After all, isn’t the water produced in Dubai already pretty good? Well, my friends, let me tell you that the Dubai government does do a very good job in treating its water. But, the infrastructure such as pipes cannot be cleaned or replaced all the time, let alone the pipes in your building or villa. Let me ask you this, have you ever even considered cleaning the water pipes in your home? The pipes running under your house, apartment building and in your house can add all sorts of funky substances to your water that you do not want to ingest (Trust me, I have seen picture of some pipes in houses…). And let’s not forget about the chemicals used in some of the buildings – they’re not exactly the healthiest thing to be consuming.

So, to answer the question, is it worth it to invest in a reverse osmosis system in Dubai? Heck yeah it is!

But we do recommend not opting for a cheap system, and rather getting a premium system even if it may be more expensive, but as from our experience they tend to last longer, have a lot less problems, offer better and more consistent taste, better filtration with less filter changes needed and have a warranty that doesn’t just last for 1-2 years. I mean, we all know the pain of something breaking right after the warranty expires… that’s not what we want with our reverse osmosis filter system here in our Dubai homes.

Not only will you be investing in your own health and the health of the planet, but you’ll also be ensuring that your taste buds are always happy. And your back too because carrying water bottles will be a thing of the past! So go ahead, treat yo’ self, and get yourself a reverse osmosis system. You won’t regret it!

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