Benefits of SWS for residential and commercial customers

“Water is life” and “drink plenty”: These are sayings that have accompanied us since childhood. And it’s true: Our organism needs water every day to regulate cardiovascular function and digestion, it is a solvent for salts and minerals. It is also a means of transport for nutrients and breakdown products and is very important for heat regulation in the body. As you can see, in addition to the everyday and monetary benefits that SWS technology brings you, there are also important health benefits for you.

In addition, the primary function of water is not to supply the human body with minerals. Rather, it serves primarily as a solvent and transport medium. To do this job effectively, water should be pure and free of harmful substances. The less water is contaminated with foreign substances, the greater its ability to dissolve and bind substances and to eliminate harmful substances from the body. SWS molecular water offers you both, it mineralizes and also frees the body from harmful substances.

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