Drinking Water Purification

Ultimate Purity in Every Drop.

Transform your homes tap water with our molecular purification technology. Gain unlimited access to the purest form of drinking water.

With our technology, your water becomes free from micro/nano-plastics, fluorides, chlorine and other chemicals, as well as, hormones, bacteria, germs and other pollutants.

What makes us unique

We are committed to upholding the highest standards while surpassing our clients’ expectations at every level. To achieve this, we specifically designed and built our systems for the unique water found in the UAE. Drinking the purest water is a luxury that should be a daily reality. With our systems, you gain unlimited access to ultra pure drinking water that is optimised to boost your health.

Our company specializes in state-of-the-art drinking water purification systems that lead the industry in innovation and efficiency. By choosing us, you gain access to the most advanced filtration technologies currently available. We guarantee that each solution we offer represents the ultimate in purity and performance, ensuring you enjoy the finest quality water every day.

Residential benefits

Our systems are specifically designed, built and created in Germany for the UAE market. We control the production and sourcing of only the highest quality materials from start to finish. 

Through the use of our patented pump and filtration technology, we can offer our valued customers the purest form of water in the UAE. 

Our water is free from micro/nanoplastics, fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals, as well as bacterias, germs,  and other harmful pollutants. 

Additionally, thanks to our superior water quality, SWS also is the ideal water that can be used for baby food.

With SWS, you drink the best.

Our drinking water purification systems remove impurities and contaminants, ensuring you and your family enjoy clean, safe water. This not only improves overall health by reducing exposure to harmful substances, but also supports the body with hydration, detoxification, the supplying of nutrients and offers well-being with every glass of water consumed.

Enjoy the purest water that enhances the taste of coffee, tea, and cooked foods, bringing out their true flavours.

The SWS water is unique with its silky smooth texture and taste, making it ideal for daily consumption.

Investing in a SWS purification system, allows our customers to save significantly on the high costs of buying inferior bottled water throughout the year. Most customers already enjoy a return on their investment after just 1.5 years, but the benefits to their health are instant.

Additionally, our customers reduce their household waste, while conserving energy and other natural resources.

Benefit from our durable patented filters designed for sustainable use, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Most of our customers require filter changes only once per year to enjoy ultra pure water.

Expert installation by our certified technicians ensures that your system operates efficiently with minimal upkeep.

Soft, lime-free water extends the life of kitchen appliances such as coffee makers and kettles, and prevents scale buildup in plumbing fixtures.

Embrace a greener lifestyle with a system that minimizes environmental impact through reduced plastic waste and energy consumption.

Commercial Benefits

Provide your customers with ultrapure water that intensifies the natural flavors of beverages such as coffee and tea, enhancing their dining experience.

Connecting our purification system to your ice maker ensures that every cold beverage is made with crystal-clear, pure water. This eliminates the risk of tainted flavors from impurities, enhancing the taste and enjoyment of your chilled drinks.

Our robust filtration systems are designed for longevity and efficiency, reducing operational costs over time and saving money, by eliminating the need of purchasing bottled water.

Our team ensures that systems are installed correctly by professionals, guaranteeing reliable operation with minimal maintenance.

Protect your commercial kitchen and bar equipment from salt and limescale damage, reducing maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and the goals of the UAE with eco-friendly water solutions that help your business meet environmental regulations and sets yourself apart from competitors.

Market and offer your patrons a healthier option with water that is free from contaminants and impurities. 

Eliminate the recurring expenses of purchasing, storing, and disposing of bottled water, with a direct, purified water supply on your premises. 

Increase your business profitability by offering ultra pure drinking water to customers and reducing your water purchasing costs.

Our Technology

At Sphere Water Systems, we specialise in water purification technology specifically designed for the unique water conditions of the UAE, where standard solutions from Europe or Asia may not suffice. Our patented SWS molecular filter technology purifies water at the molecular level, ensuring only the ultrapure water molecules remain. Afterwards, Essential minerals are then reintroduced, making the water ready to drink in seconds. This process is further enhanced with water activation through infrared waves and ionisation. Trust SWS to provide a tailored solution that prioritises both superior water quality and sustainability.

Highest Quality Standards

Every SWS drinking water purification systems only utilises the highest quality materials, sourced specifically with the health of our customers in mind. Every drinking water system is made in Germany and built to last, allowing us to offer 10 years of warranty.

Built for the UAE

We have not just created a normal filtration system. At SWS, we only offer the best of the best. Our engineers looked at the unique requirements of the UAE and built a system specifically designed to provide UAE residents with everything they need. Our customers health is our priority.

Advanced Technology

We took what NASA invented one step further. Implementing the powerful reverse osmosis technology in combination to our patented pump and filtration cartridge technology, offers us a unique level of purification, system longevity and water optimisation.


Our Premium Products

With our purification systems and accessories, we offer a customised, premium bespoke solution for your home.

Never again buy expensive drinking water with inferior quality from the supermarket. We analyse the quality of your tap water and offer you the perfect solution for your needs.

Environmental Sustainability

By choosing our products, you not only enhance your personal health but also contribute positively to environmental conservation. Our advanced filtration systems are designed to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. They operate more efficiently than bottled water solutions, utilizing less energy and generating minimal waste. At the end of their extensive lifespan, we ensure that the systems are fully recycled, preventing any environmental pollution.

Sphere Water Systems drinking water treatment offers a sustainable solution that benefits both you and the planet.

The SWS-Promise

With over 25 years of professional experience, we are experts in water filtration systems and drinking water treatment.

We are not only convinced of the quality of drinking water and its importance, but also of our premium products themselves.

That is why we offer a 10 year warranty on all our reverse osmosis water filtration systems, as long as the maintenance is also done by SWS. This ensures that our product will work for you as we promise.