Our Technology

Tap water contains many foreign substances that burden the body!

Especially foreign substances such as micro-plastics, hormones, fluorides, bacteria and viruses are becoming a rapidly increasing problem.

Our German made filter technology involves pressing raw water against a synthetic semi-permeable membrane, that is permeable to water molecules but impermeable to the salts and contaminants contained in tap water. This process enables our filters to purify on a molecular level.

By using our filter technology – preferably on your kitchen faucet under the sink – you can produce purified and healthy drinking water in seconds without the use of chemicals. This water is then enriched with minerals and optionally carbonated or boiled, as desired.

In addition, you can also choose from the following add-on options such as nanotechnology treatment, infrared long wave, ionization, bioenergetic vibrations and magnetization to optimize and customise your water to you and your needs.

Feel free to contact one of our sales representatives regarding these options and their benefits. We will help you customise and tailor your water and bespoke water system for you.

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